The business...

Andree founded the first design business Decorating Holmes in 1999 in Sydney. From there as she relocated to various cities around Australia the business has been a constant and in more recent years trading under the name Designing Holmes.

Designing Holmes has worked on some amazing high end properties and display homes from Sydney to Perth and Adelaide as well as commercial ventures covering all aspects of Interior and Exterior Design. Andree has also worked on many lower and medium budget homes and has had the pleasure of helping clients to achieve their dreams! In recent years Andree seemed to be getting more involved in the garden, alfresco and pool landscaping and now that has also grown to be incorporated into Designing Holmes. Adelaide Property Styling was recently renamed and continues to provide the service of styling properties for sale.

A bit about me...

As a little girl growing up in the amazing outback town of Broken Hill I was always quite creative. I played piano by ear from the age of 3 and I fell in love with design when, as a seven year old I did all the selections for my very grown up bedroom-red flock wallpaper on every wall! I remember merchandising my mum’s nutri- metics orders as they arrived.

My first real job was as a photographer and I used to photograph all the local weddings, debutante balls and family portraits and everything in between. Then I actually attended college to study commercial photography.

Many cities later and I ended up in Canberra working as a flight attendant flying all of our politicians around. My flying career soared to a new level when I secured my dream job with the fabulous airline that was Ansett International. It was during this amazing fun filled career that I began to study Interior Design. I used to take my paints packed in my suitcase on overnights to complete my assignments. The collapse of Ansett closed the door on flying for a bit but opened it for this next career.

In 2001 in Sydney, I opened my first home wares store and Interior Design studio which I sold a few years later when I moved to Perth. I worked with some of the top builders in Perth during one of the busiest times in building history. The knowledge and experience I gained there has been so valuable.

Family ties lead my back to this beautiful city of Adelaide in 2009 where I once again re-established my design business. I adore all the gorgeous architecture here in Adelaide and am particular enamoured with the sandstone and bluestone Victorian era homes that fill our wonderful tree lined avenues. A wonderfully accessible city with a thriving arts and creative community makes living here easy.

My business here has grown to the next level and has been embraced by many happy and satisfied clients and I look forward to continued growth. I have wonderful and talented staff and a good network of suppliers and tradesmen and it’s great that we support and help each other.

At my core is a belief that if you offer your help and services and do it with love and genuine care you will be rewarded in the most unexpected ways. I love my chosen vocation and am passionate about every job I do.

I believe in nurturing the body with good healthy food and beverages, taking regular exercise and I advocate that with the right intension the body can heal itself which is a true miracle. I practice a level of spirituality and meditation and believe in taking time to enjoy life, caring for and enjoying our amazing planet and the animals that we share it with. I love writing, reading and painting large canvas art works mainly of insects and flowers. I am teaching myself the cello (my poor neighbours) and have a love of music. I really think we should have a work life balance and we all need to make the time to catch up with friends and family that we are blessed to have in our lives.